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31 December 2006 @ 11:49 pm
Monday August 14, 2006  
Place: Koneko no Sumu Ie
Date: Monday August 14, 2006

It wasn't the end of the day--somehow, somewhere in Nagi's head; it would have made more sense if it had been the end of the day. Logically, if it had been planned--planned by someone with a good sense of these things--it would have happened at the end of the day. Stress induced relapse because that would seem far less suspicious.

(But this way--this way makes no sense. This way makes you wonder--)

But it wasn't the end of the day; it was the beginning, Aya-chan in the middle of greeting a customer--her smile and all the brightness in the world in her face. Perfectly alive and healthy and vibrant. Then--nothing. Blank eyes sliding closed, body gave out and she wilted to the ground soundlessly. A sudden surging roar from the idiot fan girls that choked the flower shop everyday before and after school. Ken saw it as it happened--instant reaction--digging his way through the fan girls, shouting her name. And then Yohji looked over--couldn't see Aya-chan, but could see the hole in the crowd where she'd been standing, saw Ken all but shoving the girls out of his way to get to her.

But it didn't make sense.

Not like this.

(You mean--it didn't make sense that *he* would do it this way.) Wouldn't make sense that it would be anyone else. Nobody that knew who had gotten to that girl's mind before. (No, because nobody ever challenged *him* did they?)

Yohji turned his head, caught Nagi's eyes and motioned toward the doors. Didn't even need telepathic communication there, the message was clear: Get them out of here.

It took too long, to get them all out. Too much rubber necking and whimpering and whining and offers to call for help. And then, in the sudden emptiness of the shop it was just them. Yohji, Ken, Aya-chan and him.

Nagi just looked at them. Half lost in his own thoughts, sorting it out because it didn't make sense. (He wouldn't do it this way. He *wouldn't.*) He stepped out of the way when the ambulance came, watched them lifting Aya-chan, ginger and careful. Didn't want to aggravate a head injury and they didn't know what it could be besides. Ken left with them, Yohji left to follow--flipping open his phone.

Calling Omi.

Nagi closed the shop down. Wasted time standing and looking at the spot where Aya-chan fell down. Lost in the flashback to his other life, before this one--standing in that crowd next to Schuldig, the slightest twitch of his telekinesis and the building was gone--exploded. Part of the plan, (*his* plan) of course. Knocked down the spectators, gasp and shock and such a pretty fucking distraction. Takatori took the credit for the idea--killing the Fujimiya's but it wasn't his idea. Not originally. The Fujimiya's weren't that important, not important enough for Schwarz to get involved--except for Aya-chan. The sacrifice. All those pretty fireworks so Schuldig could stand there and get inside her mind--easy with the shock and sudden crippling despair--shut her down as easy as spreading a smirk across his face.

He was at the hospital, standing in the waiting area, watching the time tick away. (Too early in the day, didn't make sense. *He* wouldn't have played it this way.) Waiting for Omi. Caught him by the arm when he got there, pulled him away from the other families waiting, to somewhere quiet.

Wasn't the right place, wasn't the right time, wasn't the right anything, but it was important that Omi knew and more important that he knew now. (Because even if *he* wouldn't have played it that way--didn't mean he hadn't changed. It had been three years since that building went down. Three years since he'd seen any of Schwarz.) More than that--if he didn't tell them now, they wouldn't trust him when he did tell them, and that would--complicate things. "Aya-chan never had a head injury," he said. Undertone. Felt the eyes looking at him and looked up to meet them. (I'm telling the truth and you won't like it--but believe me.) "Schuldig put her in that coma. That day with the explosion--" Had to tell him the whole truth, remind him that once you were the bad guy, not that he ever forgot. "I made sure she didn't get hurt. Schuldig put her out. If they tell you it’s a relapse--it’s not possible--not unless *he*'s doing it."
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